March 2016 Newsletter
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From the Pastor:

This morning, as I walked toward Puckett's Mill Elementary, my designated voter location, I got choked up thinking about the freedom that I have.  Because I'm a citizen of this incredible country, I have the right to have my say in who the leaders are.  I know that so often we get caught up with how badly a president is doing, no matter which party they represent, but do you ever think about the incredible freedom that we have as American Citizens?  It's really quite awesome!  We're free to speak, to think, to do, pretty much whatever we want.  We are free for several reasons, and one that cannot be forgotten is because of the generosity of our troops that will happily lay down their life to keep us free!
As I'm thinking about freedom today, I can't help but think about the freedom that I have because of Jesus.  Because of the incredible gift that He gave to us by giving up His life, we have freedom from the slavery of sin that leads to death.  

John 8:32 says, "You will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free."  

Today, whether you plan on voting or not...  Whether or not you consider America the greatest country in the world...  Whether you're a Democrat or Republican...  Whether you are a Ben Carson fan or a Hillary supporter...  Take a moment right now to think about the beautiful gift of Jesus (aka, the Truth), and thank Him for how much He values you.  Because "...when the Son sets you free, you are free indeed." (John 8:36)

Thank you God for giving us freedom through Your Son, Jesus!

                                                                Pastor Matt

Membership Highlight:

Meet the Morris Family...

We wanted you to get to know this family better, so here are a few questions that we asked them...

1:  What are your names?
     Les Morris, Pinky Morris, Carinna Morris, Cherise Morris,
     and Emanlaine Mongar

2:  Where did you come from?
     We come from the Edge Christian Worship Center SDA Church in        Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. We had enough of the cold and snow in      Minnesota, so we decided to move south to Georgia. 

3:  What are some things that you enjoy as a family?
     We love traveling to other countries to experience different cultures      and love cooking.

4:  What made you choose the Buford Family as your church              family?
     We chose the Buford Family as our new church because from our        first few visits we found that Buford Family was a growing church          that encourages and nurtures discipleship, a place where we could      experience good Christian fellowship with a family of believers.              Also, Buford Family is a church that cares about the community            with a heart to make a difference. We love the worship service and      kids love Sabbath School!
Many have wondered what is all the chatter about planting a church, so if you have any interest in being a part of a church plant, are curious what planting a church means, want to know the puzzle pieces that are fitting together, or want to know how you can fit into the big picture, plan to stay by after church on March 12 to have an open conversation to see if God is opening a door for us to plant a church.
We want to know what areas of outreach interest you the most as we look toward making an impact in Buford and around Atlanta with Compassion 100k.  Cast your vote HERE.
Oh, it's going to be fun!  Come and enjoy having fun with your church family.  Our social committee always does a great job, so you can count on Buford Family Game Night being a blast.  Bring a snack and your favorite board game, and get ready for some fun!

This Week's Events

Wed, March 2nd
- Prayer Meeting @ 7:00p at the church

Friday, March 4th
- Youth Vespers at 7:00p 

Sabbath, March 5th
- Speaker:  Pastor Matt Smith 
- Prayer - immediately after worship in Junior Room
- Visitor's Lunch
- Adventurers/Pathfinders Club meeting immediately after lunch
- Game Night @ 7:00p at the church


Wednesday, March 9th
- Prayer Meeting @ 7:00p

Thursday, March 10th
- Board Meeting @ 7:00p

Sabbath, March 12th
- Church Planting Open Conversation (After Church)

Wednesday, March 16th
- Prayer Meeting @ 7:00p

Thursday, March 17th
- Cooking Class at Natural Food Market @ 6:30p

Friday, March 18th
- Youth Vespers @ 7:00p

Sabbath, March 19th
- Youth and Young Adult Festival in Cartersville, GA
- Pathfinders/Adventurers Club Meetings directly after lunch

Tuesday, March 22nd
- Cooking Class @ 7:00p at the church

Wednesday, March 23rd
- Prayer Meeting @ 7:00p

Sabbath, March 26th
- Full Church Potluck
- SOS - Serving on Sabbath - FREE Health Clinic at Countryside Village Club House from 3-5p

Sunday, March 27th 
- Happy Easter

Wednesday, March 30th
- Prayer Meeting @ 7:00p
Please plan to serve on March 26 at the Free Health Clinic.  It will be an blessing as you serve others.  It's not just medical, so you don't have to be a doctor or a nurse to serve.  We need your help!
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