Simon's Says - Issue #24 - November 2016
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What to do with an irate caller

Setting the Table for Improved Recovery

Fowl, potatoes, squash, corn, stuffing, cranberries…. The days of the pilgrims bartering with their neighbors have long passed.  In today’s world, you need to be paid in cash – check, credit card, money order or actual, cold, hard cash – not pumpkin pie.  Though I think we can all agree a nice slice of pie can go a long way!  So what’s the best way to prepare for mealtime and ensure that your table will be set with a bountiful revenue return?  Collecting the best information, you possibly can.  Simply put, information is the key to setting your table for improved recovery of your delinquent accounts...

14th Annual NAVAC Golf Tournament Sponsored By Simon's Agency, Inc.

Getting Your Accounts to Us Sooner Will Help Increase Your Recovery Rate

A rule of thumb to always consider is that decreasing your “Account Age (days)” will help increase your remittance as it increases the likelihood that we can collect on those accounts for you. Getting your accounts to us sooner will also allow you to get back to doing what you do best by re-purposing your manpower back to its core competencies. Let us do the collection work for you sooner, and you will reap the many benefits of doing so!
14th Annual NAVAC Golf Tournament Sponsored By Simon's Agency, Inc.

The Conclusion of an Incredible Season: Chris Fleming Racing

Simon’s Agency sponsored Chris “Showtime” Fleming pulled out all the stops in 2016 culminating in a repeat championship of the Billy Whittaker Cars & Trux RUSH Late Models at Fulton Speedway (NY). It was a tight point battle right through the final race on Saturday, September 3rd which Chris narrowly won in the 20-lap feature having taken the lead on lap 6 and battling repeated challenges from the field as well as a final lap “slide job” by rival Jason Parkurst which Fleming countered by pulling even on turn four as Parkurst struggled to contain his momentum, and drag racing to a photo finish. Fleming clinched his second championship, winning the race by the slimmest of 0.114 second margins. In only his second season of racing Chris has his fifth win of the season and second track championship overall.
“Five wins this year. We weren’t as consistent as last year to win the title, we did it by winning. Winning is definitely more fun,” he said after a victory lane celebration with family and crew. On hand to witness the race were several members of Simon’s staff who got to join Chris on victory lane...
14th Annual NAVAC Golf Tournament Sponsored By Simon's Agency, Inc.

REMINDER: Simon's Agency Launches Client Resources Web Page with Links and Help Files

Simon's Agency strives to provide the very best customer service possible to our clients. Sometimes all that is needed is a helping hand to clear an obstacle and that's why Simon's Agency offers a dedicated Client Services team and has launched a new web page that consolidates all links, files, reporting, placements, instructions and sign-ups that our clients may need. This was designed in order to give our clients a central location where they may find all of this information. 

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