The WFAL at the World Social Forum in Tunisia, 2015
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The World Forum on Acces to Land (WFAL) at the World Social Forum (WSF) in Tunisia 

April-June 2015

The WFAL opens  on April at the WSF some discussions and perspectives on commons work to a large number of participants. It has presented two workshops about land and natural resources grabbing and has participated also at the "Global convergence of land and water struggles". The WFAL has been presented as a possible way to obtain a secure access to land and natural ressources for the hundreds of millions of family farmers, fishermen and forest farmers, today victims of dramatic eviction processes. 

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    WFAL Presentation, Vicent Garcés (President of International Organizing Committee of WFAL) at the global convergence of land and water struggles. Friday, 27th of March.      
Workshop photos at the WSF

Background, objectives and dynamics of the World Forum on Acces to Land and Natural Resources 2016

Vicent Garcés, President of  the International Organizing Committee of WFAL 2016 at the workshop 1: Land grabbing and natural resources in the world, state of the situation.

Land rights and struggles of family farmers in Senegal
Derechos sobre las tierras y luchas de los agricultores familiares en Senegal

Ndiaye Seydou, Senegalese Social Forum Coordinator, workshop FMAT 2


28th of March 2015

Forum Social Senegalais FMAT 2 FSM
Atelier FMAT 2 au FSM  Présentation de Marcel Mazoyer
The situation of family farmeres in the world and necessary alliances to ensure acces to natural resources and their future.

Marcel Mazoyer, Emeritus Professor (AgroParisTech and South University of Paris) at the workshop WFAL 2 
+ Marcel Mazoyer videos
Institut Panos Afrique de l'Ouest -Atelier FMAT 2 au FSM de Tunis
The role of information and media in the struggle against land grabbing in West Africa.
Libasse Hane, Panos Institute-West Africa (IPAO),
Workshop WFAL 2
Five reasons why the World Forum on Acces to Land and Natural Resources is important for India and landless movements of EktaParishad.

Video in english and french (Translation in spanish.PDF) Ramesh Sharma, EktaParishad (India) at the workshop  WFAL 2
+ Ramesh Sharma videos
Intervention O.De Schutter  au FMAT Tunis
WFAL and their work areas in the field of international law for access to land to family farmers.
Olivier de Schutter, United Nations special rapporteur on the right to food, Workshop WFAL 1. 
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