A Note on Summer Enhancement Works

We are heading the into final stages of the facility enhancement started in July 2016. The first and second grade classrooms are completed, beautifully equipped, and the new furniture will begin to be installed on Monday in order to fulfill our philosophy of flexible seating.  It is an amazing new learning space, which is sure to enjoyed by our students for years to come.  

In addition, the Sports Hall and the new athletic field are taking shape and are on schedule according to plans. Next week, the Director will send some additional information about the campus enhancements, which will undoubtedly improve our learning environment.   

Introducing New Staff Members 

We would like to give a warm welcome to the following new ASV staff members as they join our school community:
  • Paige Corona. Nursery.
  • Sarah Sadler. Grade 1 White.
  • Kristin Blain. Grade 2 Blue
  • Christine Perkins. Grade 4 White
  • Kelsey Schunter. Grade 5 Blue
  • Rosa Gutiérrez. Music teacher from PK1 to 4th Grade.
  • Andrés Sigalat.  ASV+ Coach and PE Teacher
  • Amanda Bird. High School English teacher 
  • Ida Farkas and Marta Moreno. German teachers in High School.
  • Brian Kox. High School Learning Support Specialist
  • Dr. Ann C. Kox. Preschool and Elementary Principal.
These twelve  educators  enthusiastically join our school community providing a rich professional background in bilingual schools across a broad spectrum of American and international schools.. Many of them already knew Spain thanks to other experiences and some  of them learned about ASV´s philosophy after working at the ASV Summer Program or as substitute staff. The new Preschool and Elementary Principal, Dr. Ann C. Kox, who was introduced earlier in July 2016, comes to ASV after working as principal and superintendent  in other schools in the US and Brazil.
Welcome to the new 2016-2017 Academic Year at ASV!  We hope you had a wonderful summer break and come back full of energy to start a new exciting year.

Orientation Meetings

We would like to remind you that on  Wednesday, September 7, 2016, we will hold the following events for these specific groups:
  • Preschool: Orientation Session for all families from Nursery to Kinder at 10:30 in the Preschool building.
  • Grades 6 and 7: Orientation Session for all families in Grades 6 and 7 at 09:30 in the Theater. 
  • New Families from Grades 1 to 12: Orientation Session only for Elementary and High School for new families at 10:30 in the Theater.
Please remember that all students from PreKinder 2 to Grade 12 start school on Thursday, September 8, 2016, at 09:30.  Nursery and PreKinder 1 students will start gradually as per specific information e-mailed home individually.

Class Lists

We would like to remind you that we will email class lists for Grades 1 through 12 next week.

Student Pick-up

When? 16:20 - 16:30 h.
Where? PRESCHOOL: Prek 1 - Sally´s Class  /  Prek 2B - Ms. Cristina´s class / Kinder - Preschool entrance.
ELEMENTARY: Grade 1 - Ms. Rosemarie's  class  /  Grade 2 - Ms. Soraya's class.

New Parent Resources Site

Please remember that we have  a new communication and information resource for our families: the ASV Parent Resources Site, a site to collect the most relevant school-related information. 
The ASV Parent Resources Site is designed as a repository of school information for parents and students who are officially enrolled at ASV, with sections that show specific documents for each school division (Preschool, Elementary, High School) or department. 
Please be sure to login to your ASV parent account through the account in order to access important information on the ASV Parent Resource site.   In the event that you have forgotten your password, please contact  
The school fees for the academic year 2016-2017 are publicly available on this specific section of the ASV web page.
We have re-opened the ASV+ Registration Form. Don't miss the opportunity to register you child in advance for an ASV+ activity for 2016-2017. We already have some activities closed! 

Find all the details in our ASV+ Google Site (Schedules, Coaches/Teachers, Syllabus).

Remember that to register you must complete the appropriate Google Form.
PK2 to 5th / 6th to 12th.
The ASV+ team had a staff meeting today. Ms. Escarlata Casas was happy to welcome back our teaches and coaches and offered a presentation summing up the goals for this year, the schedule of the activities, and the calendar of events.
American School of Valencia has released  a new school mobile app that provides important information on your mobile devices such as news, announcements and dates for all school events. Enjoy this new communication tool!

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