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EBLIDA Newsletter
Issue No. 5 May 2017

The President’s Editorial

Jukka Relander, EBLIDA President
Dear Colleagues, EBLIDA Members,
Our conference “Let’s Rethink” came to an end last week. Last year, in my editorial, I copied information Aarhus 2017 European Capital for Culture used for communication : “ Let’s Rethink is much more than a theme – it is a mind-set for change, innovation and courage, a progressive way of thinking and acting smarter. With the aim of creating sustainable solutions, we will search for new practices, new ways of forming partnerships, new business models and new concepts of growth”.

From my perspective, this was achieved during our conference. Interesting and inspirational speakers, lively and topical discussions, interactive world café and three tasty birthday cakes, not to mention the wonderful Danish cuisine! What more could have we asked for?
It truly was wonderful  to see many of you in Aarhus, and to celebrate together EBLIDA’s 25th  anniversary and active lobbying.
Right before the Conference itself, together with my colleagues in the Executive Committee, we put our heads together to prepare an “Aarhus Declaration”, reflecting  what we think is needed for libraries in Europe. I am happy to report that I believe we achieved a positive result in putting together a short but succinct declaration “Take Down the Digital Barriers!”
I am confident that this text will be of use to all of you to ensure libraries provide smart access to culture, information and knowledge.
We are very happy with the success of the conference and are currently in negotiations for the next one. You will be the first to hear, don’t worry!
Thanks again for the chats and fun moments during those days in Aarhus, and a special thanks for our Danish hosts who made this Council and Conference a success in every way and were  a pleasure to deal with, from start to finish.
Yours sincerely,

Jukka Relander
EBLIDA President


Follow-up on the Proposal for a Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market

European Parliament
The situation is moving fast in Brussels and the opinions of the different Committees are being heavily amended.

To date, the current situation is as follow:

  • Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) Committee
  • Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) Committee haven’t made information public yet.

The library organisations and partners are studying the amendments and making sure to support the favorable ones.

PL2020 Library Lab – Gathering Library leaders of Europe

Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 April PL2020 organised the Advocacy Lab in Brussels gathering 16 library leaders from all over Europe, the Director of EBLIDA and the team of 3 from PL2020.
Throughout the two days, participants discussed in depth the activities of the MEP Library Lovers group and the upcoming projects, namely:

On Monday afternoon there was a visit to the brand new Library of Gent (Belgium), De Krook, opening in March 2017. This is a major project of the City of Gent that associates the University, businesses and citizens.
The library is seen as a research centre and is equipped with a large number of sensors that are there to capture real time information, users reading behaviours and to develop research projects through 3D printing, fablabs and much more.
More about De Krook here.

Library Lovers breakfast at the European Parliament 25 April

MEP Library Lovers Breakfast at the European Parliament

On 25 April, PL2020 organised a MEP Library Lovers Breakfast at the European Parliament hosted by MEP Catherine Stihler.
The event gave MEP Library Lovers the opportunity to meet with representatives from pioneering EU libraries. The event was introduced by PL2020 Programme Director Ilona Kish and the discussions launched  with presentations from Rolf Hapel (Dokk 1, Aarhus) and Frank Daniel (Cologne Public Library).

Each Library Pioneer had a wonderful opportunity to engage in close discussion with interested MEPs and raise awareness on the many opportunities libraries are offering in today’s society.
EBLIDA Director discussed in particular with MEP Anne Sander (France, S&D) and MEP Cécile Kashetu KYENGE (Italy, S&D) on the copyright issue, literacy and library development in Africa, and how libraries help building fairer societies.
Participants then ended the event up with a visit to the European Parliament Library and there an internal meeting to review the copyright proposal and discuss the next steps of PL2020 in detail.


Meeting Place Open Access – Karlstad (Sweden)

Mötesplats Open Access/Meeting Place Open Access 2017 (MOA)At the invitation of the steering committee organising Meeting Place Open Access (MOA), EBLIDA Director Vincent Bonnet gave a keynote speech on the 2nd day of the conference on European Policies for an Open Library.

The talk provides incentives to make the Open Library a reality in making the audience aware of the European Union as a political body, the digital technologies opportunities and the question of the EU Open Agenda (Open science, Open data, Open Access, etc.).
He concluded by underlining that the Open Library is not a given and that it needs to work on several issues to make it a reality:

  1. Work with politicians;
  2. Change the perception about libraries;
  3. Seize digital opportunities and connect with the smart cities movement;
  4. Propose a consistent legal framework;
  5. Work with committed citizens;
  6. Bridge the different type of libraries and work more in coordination;
  7. It is already happening through specific projects (such as the Gent Library project on Research).

Lots of other issues were discussed during the conference that was hosted in the magnificent AULA of the University Library of Karlstad.
The University Library of Karlstad is a magnificent building that’s really worth a visit.


EBLIDA Executive Committee Meeting – Aarhus (Denmark) – 3 May 2017

On 3 May 2017, EBLIDA Executive Committee members met in Dokk 1 in Aarhus for the second meeting of the year. Last details for the Council that afternoon and the next day’s conference, were fine-tuned.

EBLIDA would like to thank in particular the Danish Library Association and the Aarhus City and Dokk 1 for their support in organising the event.

25th EBLIDA Annual Council 3 May 2017

EBLIDA Council
2017 is a year of celebration for EBLIDA as it is the association’s 25th anniversary.
EBLIDA 25th Anniversary banner
There were 36 participants at the Council, a good turnout of members coming from 20 countries which is a good representation of the diversity of our representatives.

The meeting went really well and included a short world café discussion around the way forward for EBLIDA in the coming years. with a glass of Cava to celebrate the success achieved so far and the upcoming activities!

LET’S RETHINK, EBLIDA-NAPLE Conference, 4 May 2017

Conference participants arriving at DOKK1
The kind offer to host the EBLIDA and NAPLE conference in Aarhus, European Capital for Culture 2017 exceeded our expectations.
The programme offered a rich variety of speeches, round table discussions, world café and the release of the Aarhus Declaration calling to ”Take Down the Digital Barriers”.

Mr. Steen B Andersen, president of the Danish Library AssociationRight after the opening speeches from Mr. Steen Bording Andersen (President of the Danish Library Association), Ms. Annette Kelly (NAPLE Chair) and Mr. Rabih Azad-Ahmad, Cultural Mayor of Aarhus, the first session kicked off with the inspiring speech Let’s Rethink by Mr. Henrik Good Hovgaard, Future Navigator. He talked the audience through the challenges and opportunities our societies are experiencing that can be summed-up in the motto “Creepy but Awesome”.
A lot of food for thoughts for our future work.

Mr. Vincent Chapdelaine Collective entrepreneur, Québec, CanadaHe was followed by Mr Vincent Chapdelaine, Collective Entrepreneur who talked to the audience about Rethinking Libraries calling for more participatory libraries and librarians who invite the citizens to co-create the library with them.
Right after the coffee-break, Mr/ Michel Steen-Hansen (Executive Director of the Danish Library Association) moderated the round-table discussion that in addition to the two keynotes speakers included Ms Erin Simon (Product Counsel on the Knowledge team at Google) and Jukka Relander (EBLIDA President).

Session 1 : Rethinking in a competing environmentIt was a lively discussion among the speakers who had different views on librarians as activists to change the way libraries are working, as well as on the need to update the copyright legislation to keep up with the technological changes.
In the afternoon, Mr. Rolf Hapel, Director, Citizens Services and Libraries Aarhus moderated the session 2 on Library Strategy and Advocacy.

The session started with two quick presentations. The first one was managed by Mrs. Gunilla Herdenberg (National Librarian, National Library of Sweden) who described the current Swedish Strategy for libraries to be achieved by 2019.

Mr. Morten Lautrup-Larsen Deputy Director, Agency for Culture and Palaces, DenmarkShe was followed by Mr. Morten Lautrup-Larsen (Deputy Director, Agency for Culture and Palaces) who underlined the need to think strategically to achieve changes for libraries in the future.
Both speeches were used as a source of inspiration for the world café discussion where participants addressed the following issues:
  • Advocacy activities at national level /Barbara Lison
  • Main issues for new national strategies / Michel Steen Hansen
  • Strong partnerships with who and how? /Vincent Bonnet
  • Digital visibility (services, collections, etc.) / Mikkel Christoffersen
The world café facilitated the discussions on each topics and allowed participants to cherry-pick each part of the discussion and provide their views and opinions to build on previous proposals.

Session 2 : Library Strategy and Advocacy – world café sessionIf only one sentence should be remembered, it would be the one from Moderator Mikkel Christoffersen who said “we want to be ambitious on your behalf”.
Something that could serve as a motto when we do library advocacy.
Participants then enjoyed a sweet treat of a birthday cake to celebrate the 25th anniversary of EBLIDA.
Right after the break, Mr Steen Bording Andersen, President of the Danish Library Association and
EBLIDA Executive Committee member announced the publication of the Aarhus Declaration 2017: Take down the digital barriers!

Enable Libraries to provide Smart Access to Culture, Information and Knowledge!

We call upon the local, the regional and the national governments of Europe to:

  • Empower libraries in providing the citizens of Europe unhindered access to reliable information and knowledge in a digital society;
  • Enact copyright exceptions for libraries that reflect the needs of users in a digital world;
  • Promote and support strong reading and critical thinking competencies through libraries in a time of fake-news and information overload;
  • Rethink and update local and national library policies, strategies and legal frameworks;
  • Recognise libraries as Europe’s knowledge, culture and learning institutions;
  • Acknowledge libraries in promoting and reaching the Sustainable Development Goals.
Libraries in Europe play an important role in the shift from a mainly analogue to a digital environment where ways of accessing and sharing information and knowledge have changed dramatically. But for the next phase we have to tear down all the existing digital barriers.

We need a new legal framework and new business models for acquiring and disseminating culture, information and knowledge by libraries and a modern system of copyright exceptions that reflect the needs of users in a digital world.

In the context of its 25th anniversary, the European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations, EBLIDA calls on policy-makers within Europe to accelerate the transformation of public libraries into democratic institutions of the 21st century encouraging and enabling citizen engagement, providing the information and facilities for public debate and acting as local hubs of learning and creativity.

EBLIDA Council & Conference 3 & 4 May 2017, DOKK1 Aarhus, Denmark.

The final session welcomed long-standing EBLIDA supporter (and also one of the creator of EBLIDA), Ms Marian Koren who talked the audience through the history of EBLIDA over its 25 years of existence.
A compelling story about the importance of the umbrella association that is promoting the interests for the library sector for 25 years and hopes to do so for long into the future.
She ended-up by calling for an umbrella time, and was positively answered by EBLIDA President Jukka Relander who offered her an umbrella for the 25th Anniversary of EBLIDA, and then concluded the conference by thanking all the participants and the hosts who make this conference a great success.
Next year for the 26th anniversary, negotiations with the hosting country are still ongoing, and we hope to come back soon to you with some positive news. 
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